The Truth About SARS Intrusion At Jaywon’s Birthday Party!

Nigerian singer Jaywon recently marked his birthday as he shared beautiful pictures on Instagram to mark the day. He also threw a party later that night to celebrate the day.

some videos started trending on social media where SARS officials where seen in the party premises, talk about being a party pooper! They totally went there to disrupt trying to arrest one of the guests at the party

In one of the videos shared one of the officials was seen strangling a TV presenter for Planet TV and Radio by name Emeka, if not for the intervention of people around God knows the story that would have been told.


For how long will this continue, a lot has been said about this FSARS brutally and abuse of power yet the government seems to be paying deef ears to the cry of the people! For how long will the people who are supposed to protect lives and our interest, be the same people who deprive us of our dignity. How do you justify this please, how can we relate to the very fact that our lives means nothing to this people. Since when has being successful become a crime ( Please don’t get me wrong, am not talking about any form of illegal success here) since when has being nicely or neatly dressed become an offense. It’s rather unfortunate that these days people fear to walk freely or move around because of the fear of #SARS….. Earlier today I was at @jaywonjuwonlo private party and it was all happiness until we heard shouts of help calling from outside we rushed out only to realize that some bunch of hungry looking SARS officers had strangled @ezzyplanettv a presenter from planet TV who had just left the event on his way home. They had his face broken with blood everywhere, even after he had shown them his ID, the funny thing is that he was wearing a TV branded t shirt, they had him held down to his throat to the point he couldn’t talk ! Apparently it was the camera guy attached to him that raised alarm. We all ran out to see what happened only for this guy’s to threaten to shoot any one that came close, it took a strong confrontation from Jaywon himself and every other person there that almost lead to a serious riot before this boys wear eventually freed….. I had to narrate this so u can understand the level of disappointment I have right now. This been said, this is to the federal government, I know that it’s a Nigerian thing to allow situations go out of control before actions are taken, and it’s rather unfortunate as this issue of SARS brutally is slowly but steadily becoming an every day news.But just as it’s happening every day people are gradually getting tired, irritated & angry as the day goes by and if care is not taken, there would soon be a very bad REVOLUTION as regards to this SARS THING. Something needs to be done URGENTLY @instablog9ja @tundeednut.

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Another version of the story:
Yesterday LIB reported that on speaking with Jaywon’s manager Derek, he revealed that the story wasn’t so right.

Derek explained that a guest at the party got drunk and was misbehaving outside the singer’s premises. Members of the estate, who were uncomfortable with the noise of the drunk guest alerted the estate’s security who in turn alerted SARS officers to take the drunk guest out of their estate.
The young man added that, Jaywon came out and was able to intercede in the matter. He took his drunken guest back into his compound.
The LIB version has some loops to its story, why call SARS? why were they trying to strangle him?
We just pray an end comes to this version of terrorism.