Maleek Berry Drops New Song and Its A Banger!

Nigerian producer turned musician, Maleek Berry who gives us vibes for days has released his new music and its nothing short of a classic Naija turn up groove.

The new song is titled “Gimme life” and its unlike his last released song Pon my mind which was more of a mellow sensual kind of groove. Gimme life is a more upbeat tune and definitely a banger!

Its definitely going to be one of the go to tune for this summer party turn ups.

Download it and don’t be a slacker!

Dangote’s Daughter Marriage In Pandemonium, Hubby Has A secret Child!

Dangote new son-in-law, Jamil Abubakar starts of his marriage on the worst possible note as he fathers a child to a mystery woman so soon after his marriage.

Another Baby mama drama, like we don’t have enough of those already. This one is not so different from the rest except that its the dirty laundry of Nigerian Elite, The Dangote’s and Abubakar’s.

A 22-year old lady named  Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu announced to the world via her social media platform claiming Dangote’s new son-in-law, Jamil Abubakar is the father of her 7-week-old son, adding that he’s trying to silence her because he wants nothing to do with her or the baby.

In her defense she claims that she didn’t know he was attached to anybody until her 8 month of pregnancy where she found out about the society wedding of Fatima Dangote and her lover, Jamil Abubakar.

The baby mama also says that she fears her life and her baby’s life might be in danger as the whole ordeal is not going smoothly. She claims that both her lawyer and Jamil’s lawyer are yet to reach a middle ground as her silence doesn’t come 40,000 Naira per month cheap or the other option of 5 million Naira for her to leave the country and never hear from her again is simply appalling.

She is asking for a whooping some of 100 million Naira since he wants her silence that is how much she would take in exchange for him being an absent father.

Here are the posts she made:

see the resemblance for yourself!

Victoria Kimani Says She Has Been Celibate Since Last Year?!

American born kenyan artist, Victoria kimani revealed a really shocking video on her instagram, claiming she has been celibate since last year may.

She revealed in her video that she hasn’t gotten ‘any’ since she broke up with her then Nigerian boyfriend producer Stanley Obiamalu.

Kimani went on to state that she would never date a celebrity terming it as a bad idea since she has tried it and it did not turn out well.

“It is a bad idea to date celebrities I have tried it one time in my life, it’s hard because you have to start thinking about who is watching or who is paying attention. Honestly, I thought it was a good idea at first because we have so much in common like if I’m in the studio late they will understand that you are in the studio late.

“Because there are some guys who hear you are in the studio at 2 am they think you are with some guy. There are certain cool things like having many things in common but honestly, I don’t want that. There are too many groupies. Yo! It’s real. These guys have all the girls in the world at their disposal,’’ she added.

Speaking during an interview after her breakup with the Nigerian video producer and director she revealed that she was not ready to get into a relationship just yet.

‘’Honestly, I feel like a virgin right now. My love life has actually been non-existent. I’ve not been in a relationship for like six months now and I haven’t tried to bother like to try find someone else,” she said.

Mike Adenuga’s Son Allegedly Abducts Daughter From School (Full Detail)

Eniola Adenuga, son of Telecommunications Business mogul Mike Adenuga, is in a lovers clash with his baby mama over allegations of abducting his daughter.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the 28-year-old, accompanied by some policemen, allegedly went to pick up the three-year-old at her school in the Lekki area of Lagos State on Friday, May 18, 2018.

He was alleged to have refused to release the child to her mother despite a court order which reportedly granted him access to the child only on weekends.

Our correspondent gathered that Eniola and the child’s mother, Damilola, dated during which the 25-year-old became pregnant and had the child.

Disagreement was said to have broken out between the duo and their families, resulting in a legal battle for the custody of the child.

Our correspondent learnt that in September 2017, a Tinubu Magistrate’s Court gave an interim order, which awarded custody of the child to the mother.

While Eniola was given unrestricted access to the child, he was, however, asked to pick her every Friday and return her to the mother on Sunday.

The arrangement was said to have been running smoothly until on May 18 when the father allegedly took Athena from school.

In a petition to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, the Falana and Falana Chambers, which is representing Damilola, said Eniola’s action was “tantamount to abduction.”

The law firm explained that the violation of the court order could result in a breach of the peace, urging Imohimi to bring Eniola to book.

The petition read in part,

“On Friday, May 18, 2018, our client dropped off Athena at school (Marymount School, Rachael Nwagwu Street, Lekki) around 8.30am, as usual. About 2pm same day, our client returned to the said school to pick up her daughter. To our client’s dismay, the school told her that Mr Eniola Adenuga in company with some mobile policemen came to the school and forcefully took Athena away without her school bag.

“Our client immediately called Mr Eniola Adenuga to find out why he took the child away without her consent, contrary to the order of court that our client remain in custody of Athena and access given to Mr Adenuga every week from Friday to Sunday in company with Athena’s nanny.

“Mr Adenuga did not take the calls or respond to message sent to him by our client till date, safe for his one sentence response that he had taken Athena. Till date, our client does not know the whereabouts of Athena and has confirmed from the school that Athena is not in school.

“Our client is distressed as the conduct of Mr Eniola Adenuga is likely to cause a breach of public peace.”

A family member, who asked not to be identified, said Damiola had been traumatised by the incident.

He said,

“The arrangement was that the mother picked the child from school and Eniola takes her from the mother. On that day, the mother was told that Eniola came to the school and took her.

“Since that time, the school authorities said they had been sending her homework to the father through email. All efforts the mother made to reach him had been abortive. The only time he responded, he merely said he had switched custody to himself. We are talking about a three-year-old girl that has never been without her mother for this long. The mother is a pharmacist who has her own source of livelihood.”

Damiola confirmed the incident to our correspondent, but declined further comment.

“Please, just help me get my child back,” she said.

Eniola, when contacted on Tuesday, promised to call back.

PUNCH Metro was expecting his call when one Deji, who claimed to be Eniola’s friend and lawyer, called to speak for him.

Deji said there was no issue of abduction because Eniola picked the child on a Friday.

He explained that he decided to keep her because an application for an extended custody (beyond weekend) of the child was truncated after the case was transferred.

He said, “What he did cannot be said to be illegal. He has every right to his child. The child was born after a relationship between the parties, which did not work out. If not for the case in court, this matter would not have got to this level.

“There is an application before the court for an extended custody. Midway into that, the case was reassigned because they (Damiola’s lawyers) wrote a petition (against the magistrate). The case has been transferred without a ruling on Eniola’s application (for extended custody).

“Usually, he takes the child on Friday and returns her on Sunday. So, the child was taken on Friday, but on the Wednesday/Thursday preceding that Friday, the case was transferred. So, already, the child is with Eniola. The transfer coincided with that time; so, the thing is hanging.