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You Can’t Always Depend On People For Support

People won’t say yes to everything you say, people won’t see the future in that crazy dream of yours, people won’t be as enthusiastic about what you’re excited about, people won’t support you at first but eventually.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when we realize that even family and friends fall into this category of ‘no support’. It’s like everyone is busy with their lives and you want it to stand still for you. That’s not exactly how you see it but that is how it seems. I pick myself as a culprit to doing this because I want everybody to put their all into something I’m excited about because I want it to be so. Nah, that’s not how it works.

Things just don’t happen and like every other big thing that happens, it has time be in the ground, get watered, grow, bear fruits and there is harvest. Don’t blame anyone for how far you’ve come, put in the work knowing that great things take their time to be unraveled.

For every idea you’ve conceived, the big picture is always right in front of you. In your head, you have it done and settled but don’t forget that you need to paint that picture from the scratch where it looks like it doesn’t make sense for quite a while until you are almost done.

Leave those ‘people’ alone, they have their own dreams too and pictures to paint, quit picking on them. Don’t let ‘them’ discourage you. Keep at what you are doing for the love you have for it,  for the happiness it gives to you, for the color it would eventually bring to your life.

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Written by Temitope Idowu

Temitoria believes in being happy and happiness comes from doing what you love. She loves writing and finding every opportunity to add value into the life of people.

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