Mildred Peace Ehiguese Emerged As New Miss Nigeria 2017

The Miss Nigeria beauty pageant held last night at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Mildred Ehiguese who represented Adamawa state emerged as the winner of the pageant.

Ehiguese replaces former Miss Nigeria Chioma Obiadi who represented Anambra state.  The pageant’s organizer and publisher of The Daily Times of Nigeria, “Fidelis Anosike” said the show is been used to define the Nigerian woman.


The National Pageant Finale To Hold On Thursday

This week, Thursday precisely, a new Miss Nigeria will be crowned at the Eko Convention Centre.

The journey to this year’s finale started in November when auditions were held in three cities – Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos – over a one-week period. From personal photography sessions from Studio 24 using cool photo props, there were also monopoly games and passion project activities to keep the ladies entertained. Refreshments were also served.

The auditions started at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja on November 7 with an impressive turn out of contestants from the Northern region who showed up for a chance to become the next queen. George Okoro (photographer and Lifestyle Magazine publisher), Adama Indimi (CEO Reign by Adama Lashes), Ogugua Okonkwo (CEO Style Temple) and Andy Ogbechei (Creative Director, A-Squared Network) were the guest judges at this phase of the auditions, accompanied by Enyinne Owunwanne (CEO, Times Multimedia – organisers of the Miss Nigeria pageant).

Then the team moved to Port Harcourt on November 9 to receive contestants from the South-South/South-East region at the Echelon Heights Hotel, before heading to Lagos where the audition was held at the Times Multimedia Lagos Headquarters.

A week later, the 37 semi-finalists were announced in a special Instagram Live Session, setting the stage for Thursday’s grand finale.

Miss Nigeria was started by Daily Times Nigeria in 1957. Then, contestants were required to post their photographs to the Times headquarters in Lagos, before the finalists were shortlisted and invited to compete at the Lagos Island Club. It was the premier pageant in the country, and was a powerful medium which empowered several young Nigerian women, and inspired the country as a whole. Grace Oyelude won the maiden edition. She would not be the last.

 The pageant continued to prosper until it was rocked with several scandals, the collision with military history and national turmoil, and the unfortunate decline of its parent brand, Daily Times. It lost his exclusivity, uniqueness, and credibility, and was virtually buried under the sands of history.

 In 2005, Fidelis Anosike took over a decapitated Daily Times. Young and bustling with energy, he set out to revamp the vintage legacy of the publication. He has since set his sights on rewriting the story of Miss Nigeria and graft in new chapters filled with hope, dignity, and value.


“For us, Daily Times and Miss Nigeria is one and the same,” Anosike told THISDAY in 2015. “The show is going to be the premier platform that the company’s products, services, and different people can use to connect to every woman. Every woman is a queen. What we’ve been doing over the past ten years is to get the Pageant to metamorphose into what it should be.”

This week, Mr. Anosike spoke to THISDAY again and shed more light on what Nigerians should expect from the upcoming show.

“This year, we are going from strength to strength,” he said. “Every state has got its own representative. And it’s also important to note that Miss Nigeria is 60 years old. It was founded in 1957.

“This year, we were also able to do a proper boot-camp; all the semi-finalists met with several prominent Nigerians, including the Director General of The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), who is the purpose-partner for this year’s pageant – the Miss Nigeria to be crowned will be the ambassador for human trafficking, she will spend her time and energy working with NAPTIP to raise awareness about the ills of human trafficking and try as much as possible to be able to contribute her own quota into ending the illicit trade.

“We also had a couple of top women personalities who went into the boot-camp to talk to the girls.”

The boot-camp ended on December 18, after which the girls went to Ilorin to meet the first ever Miss Nigeria, who is 86 years old. From there, they are scheduled to return to Lagos and start the rehearsals for the final day which Mr. Anosike says “will be epic.” The pageant will be hosted by Bovi, Ebuka, Olive Emodi and Lala Akindoju; and 2face Idibia is set to perform.

“Miss Nigeria has been fully restored to its original intent, which is to be a platform young female empowerment in Nigeria,” Mr. Anosike said. “We want to use it to raise the voices of women. We believe that every Miss Nigeria will also take on these issues, raising the voices of women, especially as it relates to issues around the environment. We have very solid partnerships with over 30 media houses and everybody has now come to understand that this is a national pageant not a beauty pageant.”

When asked how the show plans to balance the moral debauchery associated with beauty pageants, Mr. Anosike took exception to the content of Miss Nigeria.

“It’s all about communication, about purpose; it is about people understanding that this is a platform for female empowerment,” he said. “Every woman is a queen – mothers are queens, sisters are queens. This epitomises ‘queenship’. Miss Nigeria is supposed to be a role model for young women. What we are doing is building a purpose into the show – so it is beauty and brains. The idea is to be able to inspire young women. We don’t do all those beauty pageant stuff where they go onstage and take off their clothes. We don’t commoditise women. Miss Nigeria has stopped that a long time ago. And that’s one of the reason why we don’t send anybody to Miss World or Miss Universe because they go there and do all these kind of things.

“Miss Nigeria focuses on issues that affect Nigerian women; she is an ambassador of culture, of purpose, of the environment. We want her to focus on the Nigerian people. She does not need any validation from anywhere. She does not need to go outside to win anything. It’s a national brand, not a beauty brand.

“The girls have their calendars planned and we have partners that will keep them busy, because we want them to have a purpose. Going for international beauty contest is a colonial mentality. Queens don’t compete, they reign. You can’t say you are Nigeria’s Queen and go outside and be competing with other people.”

On what has been the challenge in organising such a huge event, Mr. Anosike pointed towards the struggle to recreate the show’s purpose.

“The basic challenge we had was to be able to recreate the purpose for which this pageant was founded in 1957,” he said. “Now, we have gotten it right; and we know this because of the responses we are receiving. We have people entering from Zamfara, from Kano;

“It’s going to be a beautiful show. We are trying to make the show like the Oscars, so it will be a fusion of fashion, beauty and everything good about Nigeria.

“The contestants have to know about the states they are representing. We also want to use this help promote our history and heritage. We must be proud of who we are. Nigeria has come of age; we’ve seen what people have done in the music industry. That’s the kind of inspiration that we want to draw on.”


Bavent Street Live, promoters of The Burna Boy Concert Show, scheduled for the 17th Dec. 2017 at the Balmoral Convention centre wish to inform all fans and lovers of Nigeria’s top-most afro-fusion artist, Burna Boy, and our corporate partners and sponsors of a shift in the date of the above scheduled concert.

This is solely due to the recent allegations levelled against Burna Boy, which are as of now, unfounded and are yet to be proven. Burna Boy and his management are working assiduously within the ambits and requirements of the law to clear his name in these investigations.

He therefore needs time to come back and promises an incredible performance for his fans. For now, he needs the time and space to deal with these allegations, which have arisen at such a crucial and sensitive time when he’s working on his album and his concert.

We ask that we respect the time he needs during this challenging period.

The new date for The Burna Boy Show will be communicated in the near future, (all tickets purchased will remain valid, and however you have the option to receive your full refund from the ticketing partners immediately).

We thank all Burna Boy fans, our great partners and sponsors for your continued love, trust and support.

Kiss Daniel’s Lawyer Reveals Shocking Details Of How The Singer Legally Terminated His Contact After The Label Breached It

The case which has been going on between Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel and his former label G-Worldwide has taken a new turn as more shocking details about his contract and the clause activated by the singer before the contract was terminated.

According to Kiss Daniel’s lawyers ‘L & A Legal consultants’,

Kiss Daniel did not walk out of his contract. He only terminated it as he is permitted to do under the contract. Is it now a sin for a party to exercise a right expressly conferred on him by law/contract? Is it the fault of Kiss Daniel that the contract has a termination clause that allows Kiss Daniel to terminate the contract? We should bear in mind that the contract was drafted by G-Worldwide Entertainment. Kiss Daniel scrupulously followed the provision of the contract. It is unfortunate that people are mixing this case up with that of other artists running away from a contract they signed. No! This is different. This is a case of an Artist insisting that the contract signed by the parties must be obeyed and enforced. Kiss Daniel is firm believer in rule of law and due process. This was why it was Kiss Daniel that went to court first. People should not confuse a case of properly terminated contract with cases of ill-advised artists who angrily walked out of their contract without following the laid down procedure under their contracts. Kiss Daniel’s case is a well thought out act. It is an exercise of right granted to him by the contract between him and his label. What do people want from Nigerian artist? If they don’t employ lawyers, people criticize them. Now that Kiss Daniel has employed one of the best I.P. law firm in Nigeria with a Professor of I.P. and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), people are still calling him names for acting in accordance with his contract! When Artist don’t obey or assert their rights under their contracts, people abused them, yet the same people are abusing Kiss Daniel for obeying and enforcing the Termination Clause provided in his contract! Na wa o. This is not a Kiss Daniel’s fight alone. This is a fight for all Nigerian artists except we are saying only artists must obey and comply with contract but record label are free to do as they wish?


Why is G-Worldwide afraid to grant Kiss Daniel unrestricted access to his account and books as provided by the contract? The whole relationship between a record label and an artist is about making money and sharing it. Finance and money is the crux of the matter. G-Worldwide did not sign Kiss Daniel because they love his face. They signed him because they think he can make money for them. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as they play by the rules. The only offence commented by Kiss Daniel was his effrontery/impudence by daring to ask his record label to render account! Kiss Daniel through his lawyer L & A – Legal Consultant appointed a firm of Chartered Accountant to inspect and audit G-Worldwide Entertainments books and account in respect of Kiss Daniel’s project as provided by the contract between the parties. Immediately the request was made, all hell was let loose. Why will a Record Label be afraid to allow their Artist to inspect their books of record? Especially, when the contract between the parties was drafted by the same record label and the contract contains a clause which specifically provided that the Record Label shall keep all accounts and shall allow the Artist or his representative unrestricted access to inspect and make copies of the records. See clause 7 of the contract between the parties which provide;

“Company shall maintain proper accounting books and or records at its principal office, in relation to revenue generated, or expenditure expended in the course of the performance of this Agreement. Such books and or records shall include, but shall not be limited to, any documents or records which evidence the receipt and or disbursements of royalties and other monies generated in the course of the performance of the Agreement.

The Artist shall, at any time during the term of this Agreement and upon prior written notice to Company, Artist or his/her designated representative shall gain unrestricted access to inspect the books and records of the Company relating to this Agreement and shall be entitled to make copies thereof.”

Based on above, Kiss Daniel’s lawyer wrote to G-Worldwide on the 18th of July 2017 saying thus:

“This is to inform you that in accordance with the Recording Contract between the parties, our client wishes to send his Accountants (WYZE Associates) to inspect/audit his accounts with your client.

Kindly confirm your convenient date from next week when the Accountants can come in for the inspection/audit.”

Of course they failed/refused to respond to the above email and only responded on the 25th of July 2017 (after several reminders) saying: saying:

“I somehow missed your initial email. Apologies. I will discuss your request with my client and will revert with a response before CoB tomorrow.”

As usual, they failed to respond on the 26th of July 2017 as promised and Kiss Daniel’s lawyers had to send another reminder by way of email and telephone call before they finally responded on the 1st of August 2017 saying:

“Regarding the date for the “audit”, can we agree on a date in late August or early September? An earlier date will not be ideal- Emperor Geezy is getting married on Saturday and will be unavailable for some time after the wedding (for obvious reasons).”

And Kiss Daniel’s lawyers responded by saying:

“It is our understanding that we are dealing with a company (G-World Entertainment Ltd) and not an individual. Therefore, the unavailability of Emperor Geezy would not affect the audit. Please note that the audit will only involve G World Accountants and our Accountants. Therefore, the presence of Emperor Geezy is not very important at this stage. In view of the above, we can schedule the audit to an earlier date. Kindly confirm when our Accountants can come for the audit within this week or next week.”

Is G-worldwide Entertainment Limited a proper record label? Is it a proper limited liability company? Or is it merely a one man show without corporate structure, office and supporting staff? Can anybody name the A & R officer of G-worldwide Entertainment Limited?

Anyway, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited responded by creating a new excuse when they stated thus in their email of 4th of August 2017:

“While the company is happy to assist your client’s accountants with their audit request, unfortunately due to ongoing activities involving the relevant company’s personnel, the time proposed by you will not be convenient for the company (whose assistance you require to carry out the audit).

In the circumstance, we suggest that we should agree on a day in the last week of August for the audit exercise. We will wait for you to propose a specific date during the said period for the audit.”

Even though it was clear to Kiss Daniel and his team that G-worldwide Entertainments Limited was trying to frustrate the inspection/audit, they went ahead to conceded to the end of the month proposed by G-worldwide Entertainments Limited and sent them a mail on the on the 7th of August 2017 saying:

“Our accountants will be available on 28th and 29th August 2017 for the audit. Kindly confirm that the dates. Also confirm your client’s address.”

Again, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited failed/refused to confirm the dates for the inspection or the venue as requested and after several reminders they only on the 28th of August 2017, which is one of the dates fixed for the inspection and agreed to the 29th of August 2017 for the said inspection/audit. Thereby giving Kiss Daniel and his team less than 24 hours’ notice and which means the audit can only be done in one day instead of two dates proposed. Of course, any experience person knows that such audit can hardly be completed in one day. It was all a grand design to frustrate the audit.

Unfortunately, when the inspection/audit finally held, Kiss Daniel’s Accountant was denied unrestricted access to the “books/records” in clear breach of the unambiguous provisions of clause 7 of the Contract (as posted above). Kiss Daniel’s Accountant were surprised that Label did not come to the venue of the inspection/audit with any physical books, receipts, invoices e.t.c. but only brought a mere laptop! And even refused to allow Kiss Daniel’s Accountant to make a copy of the said “books/records” contrary to the contract. It was also discovered that the representative sent by G-worldwide Entertainment Limited and who brought the laptop is not an accountant and did not know anything about the transactions recorded in the laptop. He could not answer any of the questions/queries posted to him by Kiss Daniel’s Accountant.

Based on the above breaches (failure to allow unrestricted access and to make copies of the books of account as provided in clause 7 of the Record contract), Kiss Daniel’s lawyers gave G-worldwide Entertainment Limited 14 days’ notice to remedy the breach as provided by Clause 16 of the Contract and when they failed to do so within the 14days, the Artist through his lawyer proceeded to terminate the contract as provided in clause 14.2 of the contract, which provides that:

“Either party may terminate this contract by written notice to the other at any time if that other party:

commits a breach of this contract and, in the case of a breach capable of remedy, he fails to remedy the breach within fourteen (14) days of being required to do so in writing.”

Unfortunately, when Kiss Daniel’s lawyer gave G-worldwide Entertainments Limited notice of the breach on 11th and 19th of September 2017, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited failed and refused to cure and remedy the breach within the 14 days allowed by the contract and Kiss Daniel was forced to comply with the contract by terminating it as required by the contract.


This termination therefore was not only in obedience to law and the contract between the parties but was also a self defence by Kiss Daniel to prevent “baboon dey work, monkey dey chop”. Why is G-worldwide Entertainments Limited afraid of rendering accounts? Should Kiss Daniel continue to work under G-worldwide Entertainments Limited and receive whatever was giving to him without allowing his accountant to audit the books? Is it an offence for an artist to enforce the rights granted him by the contract drafted by the Record label? the laywer wrote.

Adekunle Gold and Mimi Onalaja To Host The Future Awards Africa 2017

 The Central Working Committee of The Future Awards Africa has announced award-winning singer/songwriter, Adekunle Gold and TV personality, Mimi Onalaja as the hosts of this year’s event.

Themed Nigeria’s New Tribe, the Awards will acknowledge inspiring young Nigerians aged 18-31 making a difference through social enterprise, social good, and creativity.

With 105 nominees selected over categories including Music, Beauty, Fashion & Design, Professional Service, Sports and more, 21 winners will be announced at the event, including the highly-coveted ‘Young Person of the Year’.

The 12th edition of The Future Awards Africa is set to hold on 9 December, 2017 at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

The Future Awards Africa 2017 is presented by The Future Project and Refreshed by 7Up. The official hashtags are #TFAA2017 and #NigeriasNewTribe.

Meet the Hosts of The Future Awards Africa 2017

More Foreign Missions Support Naccima-Nirsal Agri-Agro Summit As Indonesia Embassy Host 2nd Breakfast Meeting

More Foreign Missions and Federal Governments Agencies are coming on board the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) and Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) Economic Recovery Agri-Agro Summit with the involvement of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Abuja, Nigeria.

As part of the build-up activities to herald the main summit in October, 2017, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia His Excellency Harry Purwanto, and the National President of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Chief Iyalode Alaba Lawson, MFR, FIoD, JP have put together Economic Breakfast Meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. Pascal G. Dozie CON with the objective to discuss Agriculture Investment promotion in Nigeria. The Breakfast meeting is scheduled to hold on Thursday 28th, September, 2017 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

This was disclosed at the NACCIMA Secretariat by the Chairman of NACCIMA Economic Recovery Committee(NERC) Prince David Iweta. Focus discussion at the meeting will be amongst other things centered on the need to achieve a sustainable agricultural activities in Nigeria and make Agriculture an economic power block with support infrastructure.

His Excellency, Mr. Harry Purwanto emphasized the fact that Indonesia, is the world biggest producer, consumer and exporter of palm oil products, yet she cannot meet the demands. They are therefore seeking to work with NACCIMA and Government of Nigeria by exposing the agriculture policy programme of the Republic of Indonesia which led to the remarkable success for their Country for consideration. The parley is expected be attended by Agric policy stakeholders in Nigeria as particularly Chairpersons on Agriculture of the Legislature. At an earlier visit to NACCIMA by the Ambassador, he assured of his Country’s desire to partner with the Private Sector of Nigeria led by NACCIMA to support the Government of Nigeria to achieve success in the Oil Palm development as a section of Agriculture in line and support the current Economic Diversification effort of Nigeria economy.

It would be recalled that a similar Breakfast meeting held in Lagos and sponsored by the Brazilian Consulate General in the month of September 2017.

The NACCIMA-NIRSAL Economic Recovery Agri-Agro Summit is scheduled for 26th-28th, October, 2017 with the theme Nigeria Open for Agric-Business: Unlocking the potentials of Agriculture for Economic Revival & Sustainability. The summit is in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (FMARD) with the cooperation of Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Bank of Industries (BOI), Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) and Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC).



It was a gathering of like minds and atmosphere replete with networking amidst knowledge acquisition as Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of leading Media/Production outfits across the country assembled for their 2017 annual Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) CEO Business Seminar at the ADNA Hotel, GRA, Ikeja on 23rd, March, 2017.

EMCOAN the umbrella body of Chief Executives Officers (CEOs) of Content Owners in Nigeria, especially over 85% of content/programmes on TV, Radio and Online in Nigeria, with members across the country took another bold step in ensuring that her members are better equipped with the Media/Broadcast Industry trends/development .

Three facilitators took turn after each other dishing out thought-provoking and very educative perspectives as regards the media/broadcast industry and legality involved within the laws of the land.

The first speaker, Mrs. Ijeoma Onah (Content Aggregator) was very apt with the topic : Successful Distribution of Local Content on International Scale- Challenges & Opportunities as she pointed out that “more than before in the history of the industry, content distribution opportunities and network to succeed are opening, stakeholders just need to tap into it and make the best out of it despite all the challenges” she concluded. There was a tea break where interaction and networking took place before the second speaker.

Also, re-iterating the importance of maximizing the film content vis-a-vis the massive boom in theatrical releases across the country was Mr. Moses Babatope, the ED/COO, FilmHouse Cinemas and FilmOne Distribution. Mr. Babatope alongside Ijeoma answered numerous questions and gave a lot of insight with facts and figures as regards theatrical releases and its box office grosses in Nigeria. He stated the importance of producing local content via a very strong Nigeria story yet making it global in terms of technicalities, publicity, marketing and brand management for a wider audience.      

The President of EMCOAN, Mrs. Debbie Odutayo in her words said, “this has been very illuminating and very deep. Ours is an industry that evolves every other minute, hence, we need to be in tune with development and best practices globally. I wish to state that this annual EMCOAN CEO Business Seminar is one of the several initiatives of the current outgoing leadership, we hope that it can only get better with the new leadership coming in, she averred.

The last session was handled by Barr. Obianuju Otudor- Senior Associate, Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors where she spoke on Intellectual Property Matters, Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting. Often times, as content owners, she reiterated the importance of not taking things like brand logos, proper documentation, usage of location etc for granted especially when filming or shooting different productions, if all these are not properly done, such little things can lead to litigations that can take a deep cut or hole off the content owners purse. She reeled out laws governing intellectual property in Nigeria and how most industrial players are still very ignorant of them, hence, falling into unnecessary traps here and there.

The Chairman, Programme Committee of EMCOAN, Mr. Paul Igwe (MD/CEO, Whitestone Cinemas) in his elated mood said ” we want to thank the three speakers whom we have drank from their intellectual reservoir of knowledge, we hope you guys will heed our call whenever we call upon you for similar endeavors” he postulated.

The CEO Seminar had in attendance CEOs like EMCOAN Board of Trustee Chairman in person of Mr. Wale Adenuga MFR and the Chairman, WAP & WAP TV, Mrs. Debbie Odutayo (Executive Director, Royal Roots Studios/R2TV & R2FM), Mr. Opa Williams (MD), Asiwaju Benson Akindeju (CEO, AK Media), Mrs. Jibe Ologeh (MD/CEO, JYB TV & R-Wells Media Ltd) amongst many other CEOs and participants.



Theatremania Africa Festival(TAF) Unveils Akin Lewis, Zani Challe, Doris Simeon, Norbert Young and others as Ambassadors

The International Central Working Committee (ICWC) of the TheatreMania Africa Festival has named the Ambassadors of the project for the forthcoming edition scheduled for March, 2017 in Nigeria. Theatremania Africa Festival (TAF) is the first all-encompassing All Africa Theatre Production/Creative Industry Awards & Festival, evolving from the African root aimed at re-writing the African story to the world in a positive way.

Norbert Young

As part of the buildup activities, Theatremania Africa has released the names of the ambassadors and they are: Akin Lewis, Norbert Young, Doris Simeon and Owen Gee, all representing the host country Nigeria while South Africa has two female Thespians in Thandekile Grace Maseko and Sibongile Maria Phakathi with Ghana and Malawi represented by Uncle Ebo Whyte and Zani Michelle Chiumia a.k.a Zani Challe.

Thandike Maseko

In the words of the CEO & Co-Founder of TAF, Mr. Alayande Stephen T. said ” TAF is a reward system meant to appreciate African Acts(Thespians) and other stakeholders in the Theatre Arts/entertainment Industry and a platform to showcase the best of African Theatre/music/chanting/oral poetry/dance/creative performances on a global stage.

Doris Simeon

On the choice of ambassadors, the Creative & Content Director of TAF, Ms. Eppie Maunza, said that the Ambassadors went through scrutiny and screening of a four man panel set up for the purpose of ensuring that TAF 2016/17 has quality and worthwhile representation and importantly capable theatre stakeholders to project the theme for the forthcoming event in Nigeria dubbed ” PEACE IN AFRICA”.

Sibongile Maria Phakathi (2)


One of the ambassadors, Mr. Akin Lewis could not hide his emotions as he spoke on behalf of the other ambassadors on the prospects of working on the project. He said, “We are first and foremost honored to be appointed as Ambassadors of this great festival. We are totally committed to ensuring the promotion of African theatre, music, dance, folktales and culture using this platform to positively spread the African heritage of peace and unity”, he posited on a concluding note.

Akin Lewis_MG_4676

This project is an initiative of Theatremania Africa Concepts with the support of the Principal Partners of the project from South Africa, Content Africa Initiative (PTY) Ltd and supported by Oyotunji  Village (North America), Premium World Brand Management, Eagles House Global Resources, Black Image Theatre Production and Total Recall Media Limited. For enquiries- Stephen – +234 8066627610, Eppie (South Africa)- +27827547292.

(1) Akin Lewis (Nigeria)
He is by all standard a veteran Nollywood & a trained stage actor. He has contributed over 40 years of his life into the movie/theatre world. From the 70’s award winning soap series” The Adventures of S.K Adio alias Why Worry on WNTV which later became NTA, Ibadan today to stage plays like Zulu Sofola’s Wedlocks of the gods, Wole Soyinka’s Biko Inquest, Carrol Dawes’ Dream on Monkey Mountains etc,, his  versatility and diligence stood him out.  His love for the Theatre didn’t diminish till date.

(2) Sibongile Maria Phakathi (South Africa)
Sibongile Phakathi is the face of the SABC2 sitcom, Majakathata.  The actress from Soweto is a consummate lover of Theatre, she has over the years participated in several stage plays with  Voice of Kilimanjaro (South Africa). Alongside her group of Voice of Kilimanjaro, they shook Johannesburg and its environ with the play their advocacy play that dwells on XENOPHOBIA. She has also worked as a back-up singer before starting up as a gospel artiste. She is into Industrial theatre, film acting and other creative performances.

(3) Norbert Young (Nigeria)
Another Veteran Nollywood Actor and a trained Stage Thespian. He is reputed for his very vocal stance on issues as concerning the Nollywood Industry and Nigeria Creative Space as a whole. He runs a Drama School where he churn out periodically best of actors for the Industry. The graduate of UNIBEN still believe so much in stage acting as the best platform to train actors. He is a staunch supporter of theatre industry in Nigeria.

(4) Thandekile Maseko (Swaziland/South Africa)
This Swaziland born South African TINSEL actress is no doubt a staunch supporter of the Stage Production, from Swaziland to South Africa and then to Nigeria. This rising star has excelled in several Africa Magic endorsed soap series projects like TINSEL, Lincoln’s Clan, The Dragons etc.

(5) Zani Challe (Malawi)
She is the leader of the new school entertainer from the Southern part of Africa with special focus on her country Malawi  and South Africa. An amazing actress who broke out few years ago playing  the role of Omolola Smith in Africa Magic endorsed Soap series (The Dragons). Like a blog said “If entertainment was a pot of gold, then Zani Challe has the Midas touch. She is a Singer , Actress, Model, TV Presenter and recording artist” . But what the writer forgot was that she is also a Dancer and On-Air Personality, yet  she is a passionate lover of stage productions. She is a bundle of talent all put together. Her musical video collaboration with Patoraking titled Single Tonight received a lot of accolades across Africa.

(6) Doris Simeon (Nigeria)
This delectable AMAA Award winning Nollywood Diva has built an enviable career for herself over a decade ago. She has many Nollywood films to her credit as well as being part of the campaign to drive traffic back to the stage via Black Image’s Celebrity Theatre Initiative. She is a philanthropist who cares for the less privilege. Also, she is the face of Theatremania Creative Academy.

(7) Uncle Ebo Whyte (Ghana)
Mr. James Ebo Whyte popularly known as Uncle Ebo Whyte is ironically a Marketer by profession. No wonder all is productions in Ghana is always supported by one brand or the other. He started writing and producing plays since 1975. Some of his plays are Man Must Live, The Trial, Widows Confession, Devil’s Wife, Wedding behind Closed Door and Unhappy Wives; Confused Husbands etc. He has over the years contributed immensely to the growth of theatre productions and creative art in Accra and the entire Ghana. He is the CEO of Roverman Productions, Accra, Ghana. His production outfit has evolved over time, innovating different creative means of sustaining the popular culture of stage productions yet driving traffic of people to theatre domes

(8) Owen Gee( Nigeria)
Owen Osamwengie, popularly known as Owen Gee, is a gifted comedian, singer, dancer and actor. This multiple award winning entertainer has been involved in a lot of diverse activities to further express his creativity. He worked with Africa Magic on his crazy skits for several years before he started working with Total Recall Media Ltd where they are presently producing an award winning comedy talk show-Buzz Live With Owen Gee.  He is a lover of anything creative.