The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Star In Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 Campaign

On Monday, Calvin Klein released the fourth installment of its spring 2018 ad campaign series, “Our Family #MyCalvins.” “Whether you’re related or you bond over shared dreams, family is what you make it.

A patchwork of individuals, unified and unbreakable. That’s our family,” says a message on their website, and so far the campaigns have included people like Solange Knowles and the A$AP Mob posing alongside their found families

After teasing the campaign image on Instagram on Sunday night, the full image was released Monday morning, and well, the family featured is definitely closer than close.

Yes! Calvin Klein is also, Keeping up with the Kardashians, with Willy Vanderperre photographing Kris Jenner’s brood in all their glory.

Just like everyone else, the sisters are wearing pieces similar to the brand’s iconic ‘90s undergarments. Think bras, tanks, and boy-shorts, all trimmed in CK’s black or white logo, as well as denim pieces from 205W39NYC.

More Foreign Missions Support Naccima-Nirsal Agri-Agro Summit As Indonesia Embassy Host 2nd Breakfast Meeting

More Foreign Missions and Federal Governments Agencies are coming on board the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) and Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) Economic Recovery Agri-Agro Summit with the involvement of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Abuja, Nigeria.

As part of the build-up activities to herald the main summit in October, 2017, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia His Excellency Harry Purwanto, and the National President of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Chief Iyalode Alaba Lawson, MFR, FIoD, JP have put together Economic Breakfast Meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. Pascal G. Dozie CON with the objective to discuss Agriculture Investment promotion in Nigeria. The Breakfast meeting is scheduled to hold on Thursday 28th, September, 2017 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

This was disclosed at the NACCIMA Secretariat by the Chairman of NACCIMA Economic Recovery Committee(NERC) Prince David Iweta. Focus discussion at the meeting will be amongst other things centered on the need to achieve a sustainable agricultural activities in Nigeria and make Agriculture an economic power block with support infrastructure.

His Excellency, Mr. Harry Purwanto emphasized the fact that Indonesia, is the world biggest producer, consumer and exporter of palm oil products, yet she cannot meet the demands. They are therefore seeking to work with NACCIMA and Government of Nigeria by exposing the agriculture policy programme of the Republic of Indonesia which led to the remarkable success for their Country for consideration. The parley is expected be attended by Agric policy stakeholders in Nigeria as particularly Chairpersons on Agriculture of the Legislature. At an earlier visit to NACCIMA by the Ambassador, he assured of his Country’s desire to partner with the Private Sector of Nigeria led by NACCIMA to support the Government of Nigeria to achieve success in the Oil Palm development as a section of Agriculture in line and support the current Economic Diversification effort of Nigeria economy.

It would be recalled that a similar Breakfast meeting held in Lagos and sponsored by the Brazilian Consulate General in the month of September 2017.

The NACCIMA-NIRSAL Economic Recovery Agri-Agro Summit is scheduled for 26th-28th, October, 2017 with the theme Nigeria Open for Agric-Business: Unlocking the potentials of Agriculture for Economic Revival & Sustainability. The summit is in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (FMARD) with the cooperation of Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Bank of Industries (BOI), Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) and Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC).

You Can’t Always Depend On People For Support

People won’t say yes to everything you say, people won’t see the future in that crazy dream of yours, people won’t be as enthusiastic about what you’re excited about, people won’t support you at first but eventually.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when we realize that even family and friends fall into this category of ‘no support’. It’s like everyone is busy with their lives and you want it to stand still for you. That’s not exactly how you see it but that is how it seems. I pick myself as a culprit to doing this because I want everybody to put their all into something I’m excited about because I want it to be so. Nah, that’s not how it works.

Things just don’t happen and like every other big thing that happens, it has time be in the ground, get watered, grow, bear fruits and there is harvest. Don’t blame anyone for how far you’ve come, put in the work knowing that great things take their time to be unraveled.

For every idea you’ve conceived, the big picture is always right in front of you. In your head, you have it done and settled but don’t forget that you need to paint that picture from the scratch where it looks like it doesn’t make sense for quite a while until you are almost done.

Leave those ‘people’ alone, they have their own dreams too and pictures to paint, quit picking on them. Don’t let ‘them’ discourage you. Keep at what you are doing for the love you have for it,  for the happiness it gives to you, for the color it would eventually bring to your life.

Remember, only you can stop you. ~Tweet this



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E-Access Co-Host And Red Carpet Darling, Ibi Osho; Adds Another Year Today!

May in Total Recall Media Limited is a special month as it houses the most birthdays in the calendar, which include that of the Group Managing Director (GMD) Seyi ‘Moscow’ Adebanjo and also the birthday of the company but today is about neither, instead it’s about our beautiful co-host of entertainment show, E-Access; and red carpet Barbie – Ibidunni Osho aka Ibi.

The beauty who hails from Oyo State not only dazzles on the red carpet but also in her personality as she is loveable and very down to earth.

A goal getter, Ibi is a super talented and everybody should watch out for the ‘miss trials’.

From us here at Total Recall Media Limited we wish you a happy birthday and many more beautiful years ahead!

Total Recall Media; A Sister Company To Pebbles Gold Entertainment Celebrates Lydia Hagan

Today, the Eight of May; is a significant day on the calendar of Total Recall Media Limited as her very own Lydia Hagan a.k.a Ghana of the whole PebblesGold Entertainment and Total Recall mark her birthday today.

Lydia Gifty Hagan(Maame Ama Miensima) is an astute Customer Relations and Business Management Consultant, Advertising & Media Personnel; Trade & Investment Expert with proven track record…

With over 10years experience in the Communication and Advertising Industry, she has been a staff of PebblesGold Entertainment since April 2016 as the company’s Business Development Manager and has been very diligent and worthy of emulation as she is one of the exemplary staffs of the firm.

Miss Hagan has strong love for singing, cooking, dancing, driving and traveling to new places. She is rocking in her singleness and as a lay – Pastor at Citadel of Truth International Church, Ghana.

Total Recall Media Limited wishes to express her heartfelt wishes to Daughter of Encouragement; Lydia on her birthday as we wish her success in all her endeavor in life.

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Total Recall Media Limited Celebrates Her Very Own Sam Okon

Today, the second of May; is a significant day on the calendar of Total Recall Media Limited as her very own Sam Okon a.k.a Iskaba1 of the whole Total Recall marks his birthday today.

Sam has been a staff of total recall from the inception of the firm and has been very diligent and worthy of emulation as he is one of the exemplary staffs of the firm.

The first runner-up of the staff of the year award 2016; Total Recall Media Limited wishes to express her heartfelt wishes to Sam on his birthday as we wish him success in all his endeavor in life.

Happy Birthday Sam!

Media Personality Yinka Ayinla Is A Year Older

Yinka Ayinla is a media personality, our face on Reel E and E Access, an entertainment writer, a brand/celeb PR expert who has worked with some notable brands and celebrities.

He decides to celebrate by putting out these pictures with these words:

“Life is stage of opportunities, never underestimate your reach and grasp. You have an idea, go all out to get it done, the most important is starting. There is no crime in starting small but starting right is key with grace of the Almighty.  Because at the end of the day, that brilliant idea you are having, is in the minds of millions, so, why not take the bold step to start. I thank God for this life given and spent so far and I look forward to the so many beautiful opportunities ahead.”  Happy Birthday to Yinka, Cheers!! 😀

Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Bruno Mars, Others; To Perform At The 2016 American Music Awards

 All road will lead to this Sunday November 20th, 2016 for the much hyped 44th Annual American Music Awards (AMA), with the red carpet starting by 6pm at the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles while the awards itself rocks Hollywood by 8.00pm.


2016 AMA’s will have thrilling performances from Lady Gaga, The Weekend, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Sting, The Chainsmokers and Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, John Legend, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, Kenrick Lamar and James Bay.


Jay Pharoah and Gigi Hadid will be co-hosting the awards show while Tinashe and Jason Kennedy will be holding forte on the red carpet for E!’s Live From the Red Carpet.




Reel E Presenter, Yeancarh Ayinla; Tells Us What Happens In The ‘Other Room’

‘The Other Room’ Is For Knacking

So, few days ago, social media space went agog about a speech, or would I say, about the way our darling president answered a question in Germany, in the presence of some heavy weights in the world. What happened? The president’s wife granted an interview to BBC Hausa service where she went all out to air her mind on how the country is being run by the president and how the so called ‘Aso Cabal’ has hijacked the running of Nigeria from the President. Well, that’s not new to us. We’ve been hearing of the Cabals for as long as I can remember in our young democratic dispensation.

The president wasn’t too pleased with the interview his wife granted and he quickly gave his own piece during the question and answer segment in Germany. He said “My wife belongs to the kitchen, the living room and the other room”. That singular answer brought about the famous ‘The Other Room’ phrase that has been trending for days now and will trend for more days. I dey wait to attend any show because I know our spontaneous comedians must use that to crack some hot jokes!  Our president didn’t mention ‘bedroom’ or will I say he was shy to say the word ‘bedroom’? Whichever way it was, it birthed the famous ‘The Other Room’ phrase which is far different from any other room in the house.

What do you do in The Other Room if not the bedroom? Let me break it down in bits and in a light manner to make it easier and simpler for those who don’t know what a four-walled room is called or what is done in that room.

Oya make we begin. Simply put, ‘The Other Room’ is for knacking. Have you ever been caught up in the heat of the moment when you had no time to get into the bedroom? Then you know what the other room is for, because you can quickly get it done in that room which is not the bedroom.

I saw so many female activists coming out to throw tantrums and some even rained insults on the Presido, saying all sorts about how gender equality is the order of the day and how females are ruling the world…..bla bla bla. The truth is that ‘The Other Room’ is to further explore your sexual ability with your madam. Pardon me, I’m going to go raw, so if you are a pastor or an imam, kindly close this and move on to the next thing.

Staying in the bedroom for years can kill your sexual life but having that ‘Other Room’ will further boost your sexual life because that room is not the conventional type of room where you simply do mama and papa, popularly called the Missionary Style. In ‘The Other Room’, you can do ‘snake in the monkey shadow’ style, ‘touch your toe’ style, ‘wheel barrow’ style; if that’s not enough, further bend your body to about 270 degrees and give the arc/almost circle style to get deep penetration and all other funny and difficult styles. One good thing I discovered about ‘The Other Room’ is that partners actually love it there. Now the big question is, where is this so called ‘The Other Room’?

To my understanding, ‘The Other Room’ can be anywhere in the house aside the bedroom. Yes, you heard me right!!! Anywhere……the toilet, bathroom, store room, garage etc so long it’s not the bedroom. Why do they love it in ‘The Other Room’?

Many people have been living in denial of their sexual life and the fantasy they dream about. Having an archaic or boring sexual life can really mar your love life with your spouse but spicing it all up with ‘The Other Room’ fantasy can breathe fresh air into your love life as a couple and that will really make you glow in so much sparkle like a kid that took first position in his new class.

As a couple, don’t box yourself up and live in the stereotype life of old customs or live in the traditional status quo of sexual affinity. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long you’re doing it in the comfort of ‘The Other Room’ enclosed in the four walls of your comfort zone, then enjoy it to the fullest and give yourselves that sexual orgasmic feeling that takes both of you to the galaxy and back.

Me as I dey like this, I no blame anybody or any side for coming out to air their minds. Naija politics need serious moments to give us some relaxing pills hence ‘The Other Room’. I no even know say old people sef too like ‘The Other Room’ parole, using it as a means to catch their spouse’s attention. That makes sense Mehn; giving us a world headline to call the attention of the other party on ignoring ‘The Other Room’ duties.

I have said mine o. A word is enough for the wise. Better take ‘The Other Room’ discussion and activities serious so that you won’t have your partner calling you out in public since you’ve forgotten your Other Room duties.

Yinka Ayinla is a media personality. An unserious entertainment writer. A brand/celeb PR expert. The convener of Basketball Meets Music!!!