5 Sure Ways To Stay Motivated Today And Everyday

There are a lot of ways to stay motivated and as you know, it’s different for everyone. Regardless of this, there are somethings that can keep you going everyday if you can adopt them into the way you live. Like I always say, ” today is another best day of the year!” Let’s see how everyday can be your best day of the year.

1.Have a goal and a vision: This might seem tedious, well, if you don’t have something you see about your future and the things you have set to achieve, you might become lazy about doing anything in life. Why? You have nothing to look forward to. Motivation is derived from the root word “motive” which in essence means “a reason to act”, so what’s your reason to act? Start setting realistic goals and have a vision.

2.  Do Something You’re In Love With: Why punish yourself doing something you don’t enjoy? You’ll get yourself stuck and realize you’re always grumpy. Save yourself from unhappiness and lack of motivation, do something you find pleasure in doing. This way you’ll get a spring in your day to get things done. Fuel your passion and use it to your advantage!

3. Track Your Progress: Do an assessment of your progress and monitor your progress, this helps you to know where you’ve gotten to and what you have to work on. This keeps you yearning to do more.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements: Buy yourself a gift, share the good news with your friends whenever you’ve made some progress. No matter how little the progress is, it’s progress. Do yourself a favor celebrate yourself and the effort you’re making.

5. Keep A Positive Attitude: Positive attitude can get you very far. You need to keep your mind on what is necessarily going to propel you forward.  Wake up saying positive words to yourself and your day. Wake. Pray. Slay.




Our Best Friend Is Back!

It felt like eternity! As the minutes dragged past and turned to hours, the hours started to feel like months and the months almost felt like years.

Speculation upon speculation and windows that are invincible were all people looked through hoping to see a collective dream but not anymore because our best friend is back!

Football lovers all over the world are ecstatic because the wait is over and the various leagues are back!

The English Premier League got the ball rolling on Friday with a seven goal thriller between Arsenal and Leicester City.

In a pulsating fixture, Arsenal sought to rewrite the history of their season opening game as they have only managed a win in their opening game in the last eight seasons. It began with them falling behind and miraculously pulling a rabbit out of the hat in the final minutes of the game to defeat a resilient Leicester City team.

League champions, Chelsea; began their campaign looking over their shoulder with the proverbial curse of retaining the title plaguing previous winners but Burnley surely looked like an easy way to begin a defense or so they thought.  The champions were first stunned by both the silliness of their captain Cahill and the audaciousness of Vokes of Burnley inside the first twenty four minutes and Burnley wasn’t done yet. The match went on and deep into the second half, Chelsea were trailing by three!

To compound their woes, midfielder, Fabregas; got a second yellow and got his matching order.

Eventually, Chelsea lost three goals to two and were left flat faced and sitting fourteenth on the table.

Cahill’s red card against Burnley on saturday

Liverpool were unlucky not have gotten maximum points at the opening day after coming from behind to be shocked by an equalizer on the ninety-fourth minute by Watford to produce the first draw of the season. An event replicated by Swansea at Southampton, only this time without goals.

Manchester United! A team that is best remembered by its time under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson, produced a beautiful display that left hater gushing as they made mincemeat of West Ham at Old Trafford with four unreplied goals.


New Boys!

Where would this piece be if an eulogy was made for Huddersfield Town. They came through to the premiership on the back of a play-off and they made sure they registered their name on the lips of everyone after clipping the wings of the eagles of Crystal Palace with an emphatic three nil bashing thus enjoying a short lived ‘top of the table’ status which Manchester United cut short.

Huddersfield player after the game at Crystal Palace

Newcastle’s return to top flight isn’t what they planned. A red card to skipper Jonjo Shelvy and an Irate set of Tottenham player meant that they received two unreplied goals and began their campaign from the bottom of the table. Not what manager Rafa Benitez wanted though.

Brighton & Hove Albion never expected an easy game and it was always going to be a punter’s favourite.

They face high spending Manchester city. Even though they put up a spirited effort they fell two goals to nil.


Striker’s Debut

Everyone wanted to see what the latest acquisitions to Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool would do as many said silent prayers for Rooney even i!

Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette set the ball rolling with a powerful header to put Arsenal ahead while Rooney’s single strike gave Everton three point.


Unfortunately, Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah goal was only able to give Liverpool a share of the spoils as Morata’s goal was not able to lift Chelsea for the abyss.

Romelu Lukaku showed why he is one of the most revered strikers in the English league with two goals on his debut with Manchester United. Showing his aerial prowess as well as he strength on the ground, he has started the campaign sitting on the summit of the goal scorers’ chart.

Two goal hero – Lukaku


Saturdays and Sundays are not going to be the same for a while at least till every other day joins the fray. Till next weekend we would be occupied with the Champions League Qualifiers as we pray for a complete representation of England at one of Europe’s elite events – The UEFA Champions League!

Don’t Stop Putting In That Effort

I’ve had the opportunity to live with a strong young woman that challenges me everyday. She has gone through series of heartbreaks, not from relationships but from life. She keeps her hopes up only for it to get dashed. Its hard already when it happens to someone close to you and then you get to experience yours.

It’s tough for us to stay in faith and believe that when something fails, we should still learn to get by somehow. You look at all the attempts you’ve made and then wonder what would become of you if all your efforts just goes to waste with nothing to show for it.

We need to realize that giving up is never an option and sticking on even when things are not great would eventually get us by. Don’t quit trying, taking those baby steps means a lot, you just can’t see it yet. I used to sing a song when I was a little younger; Little is much when God is in it… That is so correct! Your little efforts would eventually become great efforts and they would speak for you in the nearest future.

So my friend, don’t give up on that dream, don’t stop keeping on, don’t stop trying, don’t stop moving on. You are a moving train, let nothing stop you!

I believe your little effort counts.


First appeared on temitoria.com

The Sides To Friendship And A Perspective

Contrary to my earlier disposition in life about people I meet, I’ve come to believe that people that we meet help to shape us and help us create experience. Regardless, its annoyingly disappointing that some people fall into categories that make you miserable.

I know people that come into your life, you come to love them and they treat you like an 1/2 tablespoon of whatever dose you should get from them. They just don’t reciprocate the friendship you extend. They make you feel like you just wasted your time caring too much.

I’ve met those that just try to lord over your life, like being friends with them gave them a ticket to set rules for you that you must follow. They think you smile too much, eat too slow, dress too casually, reason too weirdly, disappoint them too often. And I wonder, why don’t they just get puppets as friends *sorry to sound harsh, that’s if I did*

Some self-centered and selfish, all they care about is themselves. They never take risks for anything because they don’t want to get hurt. They tell you they don’t know how to react to some situations because they don’t want to hurt you. I realise they’re the ones that doesn’t want to get hurt.

The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when. Simon Sinek

And the ones that remembers you only when they need something. When things go wrong and the solution is mistakenly connected to you, they have your number on speed dial.

Not forgetting those friends that disappears when you are in need. When all is good and fine , you see them, cook up some trouble for yourself then you are on your own.

There are others too that my brain cannot remember. These attitudes hurts and pushes people away. Nobody is perfect but we are all working towards attaining it.
Do unto others…

There are people that makes all these people matter less. They bring you smiles and make you happy. They are the beautiful flowers that grow in your garden when the weed is out.


The Change slogan has rented not only our country’s political firmament in the last few months but it also gradually crept into our mentality as a being. To now come to the reality of the fact that at the federal level, there is a change of guard from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ushering in the people’s General, the one we all called Muhammadu Buhari, it is indeed an era of change and we can only hope for a positive change in the entertainment Industry and all facets of our lives in Nigeria. This edition is that of a young actor, reality show winner, model and an entrepreneur. The brain behind an NGO called MARV, he is simply called Oyekunle Oyeremi, known as Kunle Rhemmy. He came to limelight in 2010 after winning the 2010 Gulder Ultimate Search, his sojourn into Destination Fame wasn’t an easy one but he bared it all to the team consisting of myself and Kehny Obafemi in far away South Africa during the shooting of a Pan-African soap series titled LINCOLN’S CLAN. Rhemmy is fun to be with no doubt, he’s spontaneity clearly carve him out amongst his peers. We can boldly say that he is part of the new revolutionary taking over Nollywood. Also, we bring to you other usual columns like Movie Reviews, AD Critique, Naija Decides 2015. Tosyne killed the piece on Color &Style as she talks about the Magic of the Plus Size ladies, our Fashion Army was dedicated to Top Ten Cutest Couples at the OSCAR 2015, we arrested DJ Switch on Close Up on Celeb while Don Boulor had a one on one with Demola Adedoyin in the Lounge. Once again, Kehny Obafemi expressed his mind on our Discourse titled (To Mend the Broken Vote) and he had a Break-Out Star piece on the act called FALZ while we introduced a new comedy show called Buzz Live With Owen Gee on the XPECIAL Column. We introduced another column this month called (DOTTING CORNER), it’s eh… em…em, please, come see for yourself. If you want to subscribe, contribute, send in your comments etc, you can link up with us on stevopoet@gmail.com or reelemagazine@yahoo.com, we will be glad to hear from you. We see you next month by the grace of God, let’s make peace our priority, no man’s life is worth this election (pre-during and post).