Doris Simeon Features In Special Reel E Magazine Edition ‘The Other Woman’

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon graced the cover of the latest edition of REEL E Magazine with beautiful and captivating shots of the actress like you’ve never seen before. What side of Doris Simeon do you know? In this special edition of REEL E Magazine we present Doris Simeon in THE OTHER WOMAN.

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REEL E Magazine is published by Total Recall Media Limited, the Producers of REEL E on TV & Radio (A Celeb Reality TV Show), E-ACCESS (Hub of Entertainment TV Show), Buzz Live with Owen Gee (Hilarious Talk show), Lincoln’s Clan (A Pan African soap series) and Two Sides of a Coin soap(An award winning family soap series) etc.

Photography – REEL E Magazine

Makeup Artist: Charis Creation

Wardrobe & Stylist– Doriskere Team

Cover Story– Alayande Stephen T., Marcus Yemiete, Ibidunni Osho and Michael Aanuoluwapo

ContributorsTemitoria, Yinka Ayinla

Publishers– Oluseyi Adebanjo, GMD, Total Recall Media Limited



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