Falz The Bahd Guy Covers February,2016 Edition Of Reel E Magazine

Back to the matter!!! I missed out on an interesting studio interview with Falz D Bahd Guy, who gave him that name sef? You need to really meet Folarin Falana, as in the son of the same legal mogul Femi Falana. Falz is a lawyer by profession, rapper by occupation and Bro. Taju by passion, you want to know what that is all about, then, take a walk with us into the funny but creative world of FALZ THE BAHD GUY.

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You can’t afford to miss a special Valentine feature on TOP TEN NAIJA BIGGEST LOVE SONGS. Our Discourse is a reflection of Beef in Naija Music industry as we showcase pictorially another interesting talk show called THE DIARY on our Chacha column. Tunde Kelani was unveiled as legendary figure in the movie industry on the Pacesetter column by Ahmed Boulor.

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Cover story- Kehny Obafemi, Yeancarh Ayinla and Marcus Yemiete

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