Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy, Jeremi Sholaye Publicly Acknowledge Child

Some interesting rumors hit the web throughout yesterday about who the Father of Linda Ikeji’s baby is. Trust me it wasn’t just you wondering if there really was a man in the picture at all.

Linda is most likely the number 1 ‘amebo’ in Nigeria pulling all sorts of dirt on people through her Blog. Funny how she managed to hide a very big secret like a whole human being inside her until like 4months to delivery. You will think that people would have their eagle eyes on when it came with high profile individual like Linda.

She gave birth to her bundle of joy on the 17th of September, and then the ultimate search began, Who is the Daddy? It wasn’t long after when a lot of fingers started pointing to oil Magnate, Jeremi Sholaye.

At first he didn’t say anything to deny the claims but he also didn’t agree to it. Interestingly he took to his Instagram to thank God for his Life and the addition God gave him this month.

A close source revealed that Sholaye is not keen on getting married to Linda yet but is very happy that he has a child with her.

Hopefully people can rest now they know who the father is.