Nigerian Transgender Stephanie Rose Says “Compliments of a fraudulent Season”



Nigerian transgender Stephanie Rose is at it again and this time she doesn’t spare our Lord Jesus from her tongue lashing. She took to facebook and posted:

“Compliments of a fraudulent Season.

What use is a Saviour that cannot save Mankind from grave tragedies and disasters like incurable diseases, famine and pestilence? The Abrahamic God from the beginning functioned with plagues and diseases which he used to destroy and torment humanity!

Till today, the story is still the same because Jesus Christ is a myth and untrue story of this God. In 1983, HIV-AIDS was devised by the same God to torment and afflict humanity.

Doctors have endlessly battled with Cancer because the evil is beyond human comprehension for now. Viz-a-viz, the incessant list of diseases in the 21st Century. The Abrahamic God is the Custodian of the evil, of plagues right from scriptures. A barbaric God that killed a man named Antichous with an incurable bowel disease, please read 2 Mac 9: 5/28.

The same God is described as a giant Killer in scriptures that destroyed families and people with flood and disasters. Till today, disasters like earthquakes, flood, hurricane and deluge still afflict and kill humanity in large numbers because Jesus Christ is a myth and untrue story of this flood destroyer called God.

The same Abrahamic God also appointed famine in scriptures. Till today, innocent little children are dying of starvation and pestilence because Jesus Christ that fed the multitude is a myth and untrue story of this God that delights pleasure in people suffering from famine and lack of food.

What more can I say about the incursion of Wars and grave tragedies that has afflicted Mankind? Where is the Jesus Christ in all the endless grave tragedies that has plagued humanity sending thousands and thousands to their early grave? The Abrahamic God delighted in wars and turbulence like massacres, terrorism, violence and macabres in scriptures.

Till today, the world has no peace due to unchecked terrorism and wars fighting all over the world because Jesus Christ is a myth and not a true story of the war loving ” and violence loving Abrahamic God.

What was Jesus doing during the nefarious terrorist attack on World Trade Centre in the United States some years ago? A mythical character can not prevent tragedy or chaos.

Jesus Christ is a myth and untrue story in a World marked with unchecked EVIL, incessant Wars and grave violence.

Jesus Christ is a myth and UNTRUE STORY of this EVIL FUNCTIONAL God!! A God that functions in an EVIL CAPACITY will always function in an EVIL CAPACITY.”

She is infamous for calling GOD daft and senseless.

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