Noble Igwe Clears Air On His Earlier Post On Internet Fraudsters

Noble Igwe CEO of 360 group and nigerian based blogger last weekend took to the social media world to state some of his views on the issue of internet fraudsters. Basically calling out EFFC to arrest more internet fraudsters and money launders.


Its a very depressing state of mind that a lot of Nigerians operate under. We live in a time where quick money is regarded as hard-work. We find ourselves hovering over the border of wrong and right.


However, in response to the  very bold act of the young man, the whole social media blew up with people out-rightly pointing out that he was wrong, calling him all sort of names and threatening him, few people supported him, very few people.

Yesterday he took to his twitter again to fully express what he meant by his tweet and that he wasn’t attacking anyone in particular.


Take a look at his thread of tweets;


He just wants us to do better and change the way people look at us (Nigeria) as a country,  if this is not inspiring enough I don’t know what is.

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