Owen Gee Is Set To Release His Debut Movie “200 Million”

Veteran comedian, Owen Gee; has decided to explore the movie industry with the premiere of his forthcoming movie titled “200 million”.

“200 Million” portrays the challenging lives of two disenfranchised men who explored crime as a remedy to issues limiting them from enjoying comfort.

A chain of paranormal events soon occurred leaving an indelible mark on their entire existence.

“After a successful run in the comedy industry with bold achievements in all facets of the Nigerian comedy scene, it is time for me to break into the hilarious community of comic movie production with my debut attempt called “200 Million,” say Owen Gee.

The movie features A-list actors such as, Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe, Owen G, Ali Baba, Saka, Basorge, Yaw, Woli Arole, Frank Donga, Lepacious, among others.

As the comedian expressed at the launch of Live and not die (L.A.N.D) his experience with Depression and suicidal thoughts and how he overcame it and that it was that experience that birthed the ideas for the movie.

His words: “During the period that I was very depressed, I could not concentrate on anything, but immediately I snapped out of it, I knew that I had to keep myself busy and it was during that time that I came up with the concept of my new movie ‘200 Million.’

Just like characters in the upcoming movie, “200 Million”, Owen Gee has dealt with issues relating to suicide, which he eventually defeated.

He also gave a little run down on the movie;

“It is a comedy film that relates to money, politics and religion. It talks about the relationship of the average young Nigerian in relationship to money politics and religion. Basically, the film tells the story of a young graduate from Edo State with master’s degree but he did not have a job and had to go into fraud.

“It took me close to two years to produce the star-studded film that parades stars like Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe and others.

“200 Million”  movie is directed by August Udoh.

The movie is set to premiering on the 30th March, 2018




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