How Pete Davidson Proposed To Ariana Grande!

Pete Davidson at a recent interview with GQ revealed that his relationship with Pop star Ariana Grande was nothing short of love at first sight.

The actor and comedian spoke to GQ a day before Gande’s latest album drops, revealing that he told the singer he wanted to marry her the day he met her.


“The day I met her, I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll marry you tomorrow,’ ” he said in an interview with GQ. “She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture [of engagement rings]. I was like, ‘Do you like any of these?’ She was like, ‘Those are my favorite ones,’ and I was like, ‘Sick.’ ”

On the other hand Ariana Grande has really been loving this not so new found relationship going as far as debuting a song titled ‘Pete’ in her new album ‘Sweetener”.

After Grande first revealed that she had named one of her album’s songs after Davidson, she faced criticism from several fans who questioned whether that was a wise decision.

Grande defended herself by saying she’s just trying to be honest with her work.

“He’s my fiancé. This is my album. I’m an honest and emotional artist and human being and if my openness in my work isn’t for you, that’s OK,” she wrote to one fan. “I won’t be offended. Still wishing y’all all the love in the world.”

Ahead of the album’s release, Davidson shared that Grande’s tribute to him was one of his favorite songs from her highly anticipated fourth album.

Pop star Ariana Grande and Fianc? Pete Davidson were spotted out in New York, NY.
On Monday morning, the happy new couple held hands as they left their shared $16 Million dollar Chelsea apartment.
Ariana was all smiles as she flashed her huge diamond engagement ring, while wearing a vintage Whitney Houston shirt .

“My top 5? ‘God Is a Woman’ because that s— f—s hard. Seriously that s— bangs. That slaps hard,” he said in a video shared by Grande on social media.

“That and then my song which is called ‘Pete’ which is pretty sick. And then I’ll go ‘R.E.M.’ And then I would go ‘Sweetener’ because it’s just very happy and very fun. And ‘Better Off’ because it’s sick,” he said, before adding, “They’re all sick.”

Davidson noted that they are moved into a $16 million Manhattan apartment together, where they are “learning how to be adults.”

While Davidson went on to share that the pair haven’t figured out many wedding plans yet, a trip down the aisle is “definitely going to happen, for sure.”