“I Didn’t Do It For Your Applause”- Beverly Osu (detailed)

Nigerian actor, Beverly Osu recently posted a controversial picture on Instagram that has thrown the streets of twitter in chaos.

In a recent photo shoot for the cover of Taylor live magazine, Beverly Osu posed in an almost nude nun attire while holding a rosary and smoking a cigarette. A bunch of Nigerians have made it their duty to drag her for filth on twitter and in her comment section.

Some people were of the mind set that the picture was a taboo and slap in the face to the nuns and the catholic community in general. However other people felt it was commendable work of art and deserved kudos.

Even contoversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has also let out his opinion on the matter and defending the post.

Here is what he said;

In another of his post, Daddy Freeze made a video showing the Catholic Pope drinking a huge  glass of beer at a party. He also re-emphasizing that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what Beverly did, ” you can’t be more catholic than the pope” he said.

here is the video:

The Ex Big brother Africa Star responded after the backlash from Nigerians stating that the said picture was not meant as an insult to nuns or priest as she is also a practicing catholic. The picture was intended as a mere artwork and people should  stop viewing things with the eye of religion.

Beverly Naya And Beverly Osu Look Radiant In Matching Danshiki Attires

Nollywood actresses, Beverly Osu and Beverly Naya twin beautifully in their danshiki attires for this photo shoot with celebrity photographer Sunmisola Olorunnisola which is themed ‘Ivory’.

The photographer shared the lovely photos on Instagram and wrote:

IVORY by Sunmisola Olorunnisola Featuring Beverly Osu and Beverly Naya

We glow in coated bodies, unbothered by murmurs of coloured opinions, basking in the decorated strides of gentle happy endings. The unapologetic symbol of our bodies fumes the unbreakable aura of Neverland, laying the perfection of paradise and grown into the emblem of magnificence.
We embody smiling sanities of good feels, ignoring possibilities of soreness which may attempt to interrupt the harmony of our rosy souls. Made not of mediocrity but sculptured from a universe of Ivory, craved from its purest and redefined into its finest.

Beverly Naya is a British-born Nigerian actress. She won the Most Promising Talent category at the 2010 Best Of Nollywood Awards. She also won the award for Fast Rising Actress at the 2011 City People Entertainment Awards.

Big Brother Africa star, Beverly Osu is among the famous fashion models in Nigeria who has featured in many runways in the region working with top clothing lines.

See photos below:


Yemi Alade Releases Visuals For ‘TumBum’

The visuals for the track, Tumbum off her Mama Africa album was released yesterday and it was directed by Paul Gambit.

In the video, Yemi Alade and Beverly Osu are two rival local foodsellers who also happen to be love interests of the very confused Ime Bishop.

The drama in the almost 4-mins video is well played out by the characters and it features Yemi Alade’s signature choreography scenes.

Watch here: