Bobrisky Drags Nina For Filth On Instagram Again!

There is definitely no hope for any love between BBNaija Nina and male barbie Bobrisky as their drama keeps spilling out.

Apparently Bobrisky who was one of Nina’s Biggest fan when she was in the Big Brother Naija house early this year. He supported her monetarily and fought anybody that said even the most remotely drab thing about her.

However, his love was short lived and didn’t even see the light of day after the show ended, sadly the BBNaija star decided to camp with the sworn enemy of Bob, Tianah from Tianah’s Empire.

The new drama ensued after Nina put on her Instagram story that she was ready to give Bobrisky the phone he gifted her on leaving the house, that it was unused.

unfortunately Bob did not take this news very well and it led to an outburst of name calling and accusations

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Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham End Fight At Bobriskys Pre-Birthday Dinner

Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham, two popularly known and appreciated rivals in the Nollywood industriy have finally ended their supposed ‘beef’ that almost tore the industry apart with actor’s taking sides.

At the pre-birthday dinner party of controversial cross dresser, Idris Okuneye AKA Bobrisky, the two actresses were photographed in a lovely selfie proving to the world and whoever cares to know that there is absolutely no bad blood between them.

You will recall that their fight drew the attention of many after a public Instagram fight between them.

 Upon the Instagram war, Toyin claimed that it was a publicity stunt but after a while, the altercation brought about a split in some actors taking sides (Yomi Fabiyi and Kemi Afolabi) which finally led to the two ladies unfollowing each other on the gram.
Apparently all is well between them.
Further spotted at the dinner were  actresses Tonto Dikeh and Anita Joseph, as well as beauty entrepreneur Dabota Lawson.

Bobrisky Apologies To Mc Galaxy On Snapchat

After a week of fighting between Bobrisky and singer, Mc Galaxy, Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky has come on social media to apologize to Mc Galaxy saying that he was not involved in the reason why his gateman, Jacob left his home.

Bobrisky apologizes to Mc Galaxy, says he was not involved in the reason why his gateman, Jacob left his house. See his apology!

According to him, it was a ‘misrepresentation’ and that they have gotten back together.

Bobrisky apologizes to Mc Galaxy, says he was not involved in the reason why his gateman, Jacob left his house. See his apology!



“He Was Not Allowed To Carry His Snapchat Filter Over The Fence.”- Singer Tunde Ednut Reviews Pictures Of Bobrisky

Singer, Tunde Ednut  who quite obviously isn’t much of a fan of Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky, shared the photo via IG and wrote;

“3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. – This was how he was handcuffed and bundled out his “rented” personal house. Jacob locked the gate from outside, they had no choice but to bundle him over the fence. He was not allowed to carry his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence. He came on social media to lie to us that it was a lie, he was never handcuffed, he

was only taken to Abuja for questioning. He should stop lying. #StopTheLiesBobrisky #SameBlackJeans”


MC Galaxy Replies Bobrisky’s Feud with a Visit to Jacob’s Hometown

Singer, Mc Galaxy has finally broken his silence on his clash with Bobrisky over what happened with his gate-man, Jacob

The singer shared on his Instagram page series of videos showing that Jacobs father was truly sick and that he is now shouldering the responsibility for his hospital bills.

In the course of his his visit to Jacobs home in Jos, the singer said that Bobrisky is the one who always contacted them whenever he releases a new song and begged to promote it for him.

Meanwhile, Jacob insisted that Bobrisky is owing him over 6 months salary and that he collected the N40k Mc Galaxy gave to him after he featured in his music video

Watch the videos below

Bobrisky Slams Mc Galaxy For Having A Hand In The Ongoing Fight Between Him And Jacob His Gateman

All hell broke loose yesterday as Nigerian male barbie doll, Bobrisky has been involved in some drama going on between him and his gateman “Jacurrrrrb”

Now the popular Nigerian male barbie doll, Bobrisky has come for MC- Gallazy, after his gateman Jacob shared a viral video yesterday claiming Bob Risky owed him for six month, it however turned out to be false and a plan by MC- Galaxy.

In the video Jacurb claims that his father is sick, and that he told his boss Bobrisky, who promised to help him with some money, and said he will call some of his top contacts, When he did instead of giving Jacurb the money, He embezzled it.

According to him MC Galaxy gave him 40k when he visited, but Bobrisky Collected the Money from him as his boss.

Earlier today, singer, Mc Galaxy shared a photo of Jacob and revealed that he is cancelling his trip to Rwanda in other to help him go to his village to visit his sick father.

In sight of this, Bobrisky went on a lenghty rant on Instagram, calling Mc Galaxy a fraud and revealed a lot about him.

Following this, Bobrisky added more posts:

Bobrisky’s Former Gateman, Jacob Becomes A Millionaire!

Popular cross dresser, Bobrisky got into a disagreement with his gateman, Jacob who he claimed to have deceived him. Bobrisky made his gateman famous by putting him up on snapchat and Instagram.

Bobrisky made it clear on Snapchat that he is no longer with Jacob and would appreciate it if no reference is made to him henceforth. This fallout has become a blessing in disguise for the former gateman.

Recently, popular musician Mc Galaxy  did a new song with Jacob’s name, making the gateman more popular than he already was. Mc Galaxy has revealed now that he plans to give Jacob some proceeds from the music starting with 2Million Naira.

According to the singer,  the money would be put into a business for Jacob who is no longer a gateman henceforth.

Nigerian Male Barbie Idris Okuneye AKA Bobrisky Revels “Bae”

Nigerian Internet personality Idris Olarenwaju AKA Bobrisky on Monday night revealed who his most talked about “Bae” is.

According to him, his partner is a top government official who is over 50 years.

He made this revelation on snapchat also sharing that his bae once locked him up.

The Nigerian male barbie also revealed that he prefers his partner old rather than young.

He disclosed this on his snapchat page writing “Both ex and present bae are over 50 years,i like them old.

“Dating a government official is sweet but the trouble you face in it is hard.

“My bae has locked me up before.”

Bobrisky Replies Eedris Abdulkareem


Snapchat sensation, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky has on his Instagram replied former rapper Eedris Abdulkareem.

Abdulkareem, in an interview with television station TVC had said:

One thing I’ll say is Allah says that if you are a man and you get hmmm by a man, on the day of judgment expect fire coming from your mouth to that stupid place wen dem they choke you. It’s as simple as that.

Bobrisky is just trying to be an American. This is Nigeria, we are fake people. And don’t forget, there are a lot of rich people into it, don’t get it twisted.

Bobrisky, on his Instagram, has condemned the Eedris, asking who is he is to judge. Bobrisky wrote:

One thing I won’t take from nobody is saying trash to other people all in d name of FAME !!!!dis idiot that look like fire ? wood dust is saying rubbish to me. Hey man I don’t know ?‍♀ u cos u are nobody. The energy u are putting to bring other celebrities down pls use that energy to build ur dusted future back to life. U keep granting different interviews up and down as if dey are paying u to say all dis rubbish u are vomiting from ur damage lips ?.You are judging other people…..who are u to judge ?‍⚖ them. U never tell us say na u be d son of God who he sent to start judging people fool. Cheers guys Bobrisky is back #itakenoshitfromnobody