Toke Makinwa Addresses Those Trolling Her For The Nude She Posted

Toke Makinwa, Nigerian OAP released some spicy photos to debut her  own skin care line called “Glow By TM” however a lot of fans were not pleased.

Toke clearly wasn’t playing as the beautiful package still has us drooling, she deserves many accolades on that alone talk more of the efficiency of the product.

In response to all the people trolling her and bashing her for exposing her amazing looking body just to promote her brand, saying it was not necessary and the message could have been passed just fine with clothes on.

Tokestar expressed her feelings on the matter in a recent tweet saying God was the only one she has to please not any other person. she also stated that she is unapologetic and doesn’t need the approval of others.

here is the tweet:

With all the hate some other people on the other hand have been praising her and giving kudos on a job well done.