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Unbelievable! : Princess Vitarah Sings About Nigerian P**sy – Says It’s Tighter Than Kenyan P**sy (18+)

We don’t know what exactly this lady is high on, but she really does mean business. She goes by the name Princess Vitarah and she recenlty released a full song and video about ‘Nigerian p**sy’, going as far as saying it’s tighter than Kenyan p**sy and all sorts.

Our conclusion is that she is a Nigerian lost in a foreign land and needs a whole lot of attention, attention which she is surely going to get after coming up with the most ridiculous song of the year so far.

She sang;

“Nigerian p***y is the tightest, Kenya p**y is not! Nigerian p***y is the softest, it’s the cream of the crop. Naija p***y make a nigga wanna pay. I got it off the shelf and he bought it right away. I’ll make you fall in love, you will put nothing else above, and now we are rolling in the car that you bought me yesterday.”
Watch the video below.

  • Smooth Larry

    Like seriously… Wow

  • Emekus

    I don dey see craze…this one na anoda level …lol

  • Debby Jay

    She poured out her mind… whats the biggie

  • Kayana

    See correct jam…na 2 look for this gal kpansh be the next levels o..

  • Destiny

    Pure Insanity

  • Rhonda

    tell em girl……….on repeat!!!!