Will Smith Goes Bungee Jumping To Mark His 50th Year!

Actor and ‘rapper’ Will Smith definitely has to be living his best life this year as he has taking time out to show the world a little more of what his family is like.

The celebrity recently clocked the big 5.0 and its highly commendable how far he has come in life. Will Smith this year picked a new hubby, Instagraming and Youtube, yep you read right. He set out to show little snipets of what his family looks like and record all the adventures they take as a family.

Definitely father of the year worthy.

For his birthday celebration the super star took to an entirely new adventure for him, something he hasn’t done before, Bungee jumping. he took his wife and two kids along for the ride. He also shared his adventurous day on his YouTube channel and it looked like a Hit from our end.

here is the video: