Ubi Franklin Epic Response To Female Accusing Him Of Using Cee-cee

Ubi Franklin Known for his love for women, even though it is absolutely fine has been accused of Picking interest with Big Brother Finalist and 1st runner up Cynthia Nwadiora (Cee-cee).

Yesterday a picture of Cee-cee surfaced on the internet where she posed by a doorway of a house that was awfully familiar. ‘CIA’ fans deduced this doorway belonged to Ubi Franklin.

Since that moment the whole social media community have been adding two and two together and pointing out that was the same way he (Ubi) took interest with Tboss.

People went as far as saying he was using her and that he would  get what he wants from her and drop her.

Here :

Ubi on the other hand couldn’t let the defamation slide like that here was what he had to say to the rumor monger’s